About the Film

Havana Modern: the Architecture of Nicolás Quintana is a documentary film about the architect Nicolás Quintana (1925-2011),  and the legacy of the Modern Movement in Havana.  The film examines his work as an architect, urban designer, visionary and teacher. From his building designs in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the United States to his teaching career and later urban studies, Quintana’s work reflects a restless search for an identity that is at once unique to its place and time and universal in its values.

The film draws from the testimonies of architectural historians, family, colleagues, friends, and students as well as archival material, including the architect’s personal collection.  These sources also include historic film footage of Quintana.  Together the testimonies and images will construct a picture of Quintana’s life and work.

Fiscal Sponsor

The Architectural League of New York, a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation, is the fiscal sponsor of the Havana Modern.